My New Toys----> Nikon D90

yes i ve got a new toys. the nikon first ever dslr camera i own! still learning hard on how to use it. hopefully i can get well practice on it before i went to hk end of this that i can snap lots lots lots of nice pictures especially food!!!!! still cant really get rids of the shutter speed and iso thingy...but i swear im going to learn it! was thinking to get the 5000d suen geh la...but then the difference between this two models only 1k different. and in the future, u pay less for lenses for d90 vice i think its actually the same...but no doubt. picture taken with d90 is a lot a lot prettier!!!! ahahahahahah

i carry it ard this two days...shoot here shoot there..kena racun de! heres some pic i took this 2 days...just simple simple one..still learning on it. anyone wanna get my the book 'dummies for d90'?


the night view taken from my hs balcony...

another one using the manual many 'buttons' to learn. still got a long way...

my mum's plant.

my dog come kacau ard...


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went to schokolart at solaris for tea with 2 of friends michelle and hazel last week. too bad that mei yee couldnt join us. this is one of the cafe which i wanted to try for so long. at last and finally hahahahaha....

the ambience inside...seem modern .i like the chair so much.

heres the pinkish. oh yeah their chocolate box design is the color which i like so much. pink with chocolate? sound familiar?doesn it look lke juicy logo's color tone? ahahahaha

here comes my drink....the hot temptation. hot dark chocolate with marshmellow. taste nice. but it cud b better if add with some caramel. yummy yummy :) i just adore caramel!!!!

michelle drinks named 'soulmate' which is blend by dark chocolate with peanut butter and cream as topping..

schokolart satay. sound disgusting rite? but it actually taste good also. recommend by lots of food decide to give it a try then. :) its marinated with chocolate....

De La Mer...the name of the dish! not the la mer cream im talking abt. this is a pan-friend salmon fillet.

here comes our dessert...the basic one. banana spilts. but the chocolate ice cream really taste good!

Daorae@Sri Hartamas

michelle accompany me to do a bridal in kepong the other day right after our 'i wanna b model' shooting at kl. and after v ve done with the job, i passed by sri hartamas and i ask her suddenly that if she luv korean food. cuz i know not many ppl adores it. but i do. hahaha never ask never know, she actually luv korean food too. so i make a big u thant to sri hartamas to ve dinner. was actually wanted to find the korean rest that recommend by the blogger jadezheng in her blog but couldnt remember the name of i went back to daorae which my darling bring me there to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. v r place to sit on the 3rd floor becuz its almost full house!!!!!

does it look like some old street in korea? haahha but actually this is a slide door...its a private dining room inside.v wanted to sit inside but its fulled :(

Daorae the korean bbq restaurant where u can find it upstair of maybank of sri hartamas.

michelle..hope she is not going to kill me for posting this. hahahahahha

this the compliment frm the rest. free soup.

the very basic and must ve kimchi which is very very nice...and in total there are 10 side dishes for us.

we actually order the bbq.2 choices of beef bbq.

i order this...the kimchi soup with rice. falling in luv with this!!!! so damn delicious!

when they serve me this..i was wondering whats that?

it was actually a bowl of rice ahahhaahha

we are so fulled that day. before we head back to cheras, i bring her to this korean supermarket nearby....and she start getting crazy de.

look at the shopaholic...

look at wat ve she buy!!!

they ve few branches:

Korean BBQ Restaurant
DAORAE GARDEN (Tel : 03-6203-2616)
No.9, 1st Floor, Plaza Crystal Ville Center,
Jalan 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Bandar Puteri Puchong Branch (Tel : 03-80621203)
No. 27-1, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Selangor.

Subang USJ Branch (Tel : 03-8024-2616)
No.8C, Top Speed Business Center,
Jalan USJ 10/1J,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya

Kota Damansara Branch (Tel : 03-6140-7114)
No.2-3A, Jalan PJU 5/9
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya

My Birthday Celebration2009

i had a wonderful-marathon birthday celebration this year. unlike other years, this years my actual birthday fall on the weekdays. of course, the important dates got to leave it for my lovely ji mui. first i celebrate with my ji mui at italiannes@gardens on the wednesday(a day before my birthday) v haven been meetin each other for quite sometimes due to everyone are bz with works. and of course to keep updated on wei yei latest news haahaha.

thanks to my dearly ji mui for this special handmande birthday card in frame with all our pictures and special msg from them.muaksss love ya!

and the lovely cupcakes with full of strawberry marshmellow by them.

although it breaks on that day...but i already got the replacement one so ill stop bising de hahahaha
here is the group shoot with our new member ---->the princess sheyanne. hahahah look at her.

a great gift from kim.a set of anna sui body care.thank q very muchie muaks.

ive already forgot when is the last time v actually ve this group shoots together...cud it b shei wei or wei yei birthday??? but i really ve a great nite there. thanks dear :)

heres the gift from my little cousin....i really really got no idea on when can i finish my own lollipops and start eating with this one. but this is really sweet of them for diy this gift for me.

not to forget my best working group from pick a brush academy and my bosses.....really ve to thanks them for accompany me for passing the last day of 26 of my life ahhahaha. i went up to pab studio in kuchai lama after my dinner with ji mui. surprisingly, i ve 2 cakes on that nite haahhaha one from david and one from hazel :)

let me introduce one of my boss aka laoshi mr derrick cheong.

secondly mr david shaw.

and thanks to yani for this...although i look like dirty cat but then i think im still a beauty geh dirty cat hahaha...i tell u my make up is waterproof but not cream proof lor!!!!!

here is my great working team from pab. really really enjoy working with u gals. :) im sure v ve lots of great times working togethers :)

lastly not to froget my great laoshi mr taki chegne which ive already follow him for more than 5 years.
v ve a really great time enjoying in cimb bank mamak stall till 4am in the morning!!!

the next day, my mum actually pamper me with a great spa at donna spa@starhill which start with a full body coffee scrub, then a rose pedal milk bath with jacuzzi and a body massage. then v ve lunch at prego@westin. and then the surprise came...a malay guy call me up and say the cake and flower ve deliver to my place but too bad im not at home. i wonder whose that? straight come to my mind is elaine kong...i always guess it right cuz only she ll do this surprise dear, i can guess it but yet i still love it no worry :D muaks...

the birthday cake i got from elaine...i ve total 3 other cakes in the fridge.but its really happy to see all different flavors cakes putting in my fridge ahahahahah dunno which to eat tim.

the cute pot of flower with 2 little bears from elaine as well.. but then she told me the 2 bears, 1 is actully not for me. its for her kei zai toby(my dog) deng...i only own 1 of the bear.she just tumpang 1 for him.

and then on my actual day, of course leave it for my love one to celebrate with me. my darling bring me to an italian rest at jln yap kwan seng name sassorosso. the ambience there are nice n i luv it..and not to forget abt the delicious food v ve :

the enviroment. simply n nice yet classy.

the champagne of the nite...cant really remember the name of it. darling can help to recall? :P

baked snails in special sauce. the sauce isnt my type but the snail is definitely fresh :)

simple....ceasar salad :)

scallop in cream sauce. got to give thumbs up for this!!!!

lamb shank...the portion is kinda big. can actually share with another person :)

not to forget abt the dessert. baked chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. thats my fav!!! :)

enjoying my champange...:)

my darling...face getting red after drinking some liquor hahaha

thanks darling for the lovely dinner and my birthday pressie which i can get it end of the year ehheheheeh

i actually force my mum to get this strawberry tart for my birthday in westin. heehhehehe the strawberry is actually in xxxxL size...but im not sure if u can see it clear here!

I'm a Lollipop Lover

i dunno since when im so crazy over lollipop. got not much to say on this post. i believe pictures speaks a thousands words...lets see wats the craziest things ive done today!!!!

a 'million' lollipops are now in my very sure, carmen u ll like it!

remember the 'sugus' type of lollipops when v ve it when v r still a kids? hardly to find it nowadays..miss the flavour so so much. unbelievable i found it today in a PEMBORONG of candy in pudu. 180pcs only RM13.50 damn fucking cheap wei!!!!!! yes i bought it. no joke. and i bought another box of chupa chups too becuz i saw some of my fav flavour inside such as coke, watermelon and pineapple...65pcs at only RM20. hand n mouth also super itchy de!

yes im now a 'pemborong' of lollipops. come take from me if u NEED!!!!!!
carmen, im going to bring u over to the places n let u spend alots wakakakkakakak devil me!!!!!

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